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Picking A Pool Shape

7/27/2015 |

So you don't think you can fit an in-ground pool in your back yard? Think again! At Drewnowski Pool’s, we offer a wide variety of pool shapes. No matter the size or landscape of your yard, our staff will work with you to find the right pool for your yard. Drewnowski Pools has been around for over 55 years and serving the Western MA and Northern CT areas installing quality and long-lasting pools. Below are some helpful tips on which pool from Drewnowski’s will fit your backyard the best.

“The Washington” (Rectangle): this shape is more formal because of its straight edges. This shape was one of the most common shapes for earlier pool designs. A rectangle-shaped pool is great for swimming laps because of its long, straight, and narrow design.

“The Adams” (Radius Step Rectangle): this shape has rounded corners, creating a softer look than the sharper edges of a rectangle pool. The half-moon shape at the long end of the pool can be used for stair access. This shape is also great for swimmers, who can take advantage of the long length of the pool.

“The Lincoln” (True-L): this shape is an extension of the rectangular pool. It is unique because it can fit into a corner unlike other shapes. The longer length of the pool is excellent for swimming laps while the shorter length is often used as a shallow play area.

“The Monroe” (True-L Roman): this shape is a little larger than a True-L, and the half-moon shapes at either end of the pool allow for pool access while giving it an appealing look. The shorter end of the pool can be used for games while the long side is perfect for swimming laps.

“The Ford” (Lazy-L): this shape is a hybrid and has the same uses as an L-shaped pool. The long area is great for swimming laps. The shorter diagonal leg of the L-shape creates a natural entrance and gives the pool more aesthetic appeal.

“The Jefferson” (Kidney): this shape is similar to an oval-shaped pool but has an indentation on one side. This is often a popular choice because it can fit into any sized backyard. Many homeowners choose to add a spa or shrubbery in the indented part of the pool. The kidney-shape has softer lines than a geometric-type pool shape, and it appears to be more natural.

“The Madison” (Keyhole): this shape is a combination of rectangle and kidney pools. One side has the rounded edges creating a straightaway while the other end is oval-shaped and rounded to provide entrance into the pool. The rounded side is great for water games and the length works well for swimming.

“The Jackson” (Mountain Lake): this shape is quite organic in the way that it can resemble an actual mountain lake. The free-flowing lines of the pool give the appearance of a lake and not just a pool in your backyard. This shape is best for those who want to create a special look in their backyard and make their pool the focal point.

“The Roosevelt” (Oasis): this shape is similar to a Mountain Lake, but it tends to run larger. An Oasis-shaped pool could also be considered part of the Kidney family, and it has the same uses as one. With this pool, you can build shrubbery around the edges or even a spa.

“The Hamilton” (Grecian) and “The Franklin” (Roman): both the Grecian and Roman have mirrored formal elements from ancient art in the shape create a more elegant look than a typical rectangle would. A Grecian-shape has cut corners, which forms an octagon. The Roman shape has stylized corners and rounded edges, creating both a soft and geometric shape.

“The Kennedy” (Lagoon): this shape tends to be on the larger side as there are three rounded edges that spread out to create the shape of the pool. Stairs can be installed in one of the rounded areas and is good for pool games with the family.

Of course it is important to keep in mind the size of your backyard and also the size of your budget. You don’t want to purchase a pool that is too small or too big that it prevents you from enjoying your yard. A bigger pool will cost you more than a smaller one, but there are other expenses to keep in mind, like chemicals, maintenance, and replacements.

Here at Drewnowski Pools, we have a variety of shapes and sizes that will fit any personal taste, style, and budget. Our professionals can help you choose the right pool for your backyard! Give us a call at 413-786-7214 or stop into our showroom in Agawam, MA to find a great pool for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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