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Pool Myths, Dispelled!

3/6/2014 |

When you think of paradise – you may think of warm weather, good food, and gleaming water. However, if you’re like most New Englanders, “paradise” may seem like it is way far away. Did you know your own personal paradise could be right in your own backyard with a pool from Drewnowski’s Pools and Spas?  If any of these myths are stopping you from owning a pool, give us a call and let us help you build the backyard of your dreams. 

Myth: I can’t afford a swimming pool

Reality: While the type of pool, landscaping, and accessories can influence the cost of your project, there are numerous reasonably priced pools with payment plans you can choose from. When looking at the price of a pool, also factor in the thousands of dollars you would spend for just a week of fun vacationing with the family – a pool provides months of luxurious fun.

Myth: Pools detract the appeal of a home in the real-estate market

Reality: Licensed real-estate agents, bankers and financial lenders have favorable attitudes towards pools. A pool’s aesthetic charm and recreational appeal is attractive to any home buyer – whether it’s a family who can save money through hanging out by the pool or an elder couple who can relax and exercise with the assistance of a pool.

Myth: My electric bill will go through the roof with a pool

Reality: Depending on who your provider is, the average estimate of a utility bill only increases between thirty and fifty dollars. However, if you factor expenses if you didn’t have a pool, like trips to the beach or local pool, gasoline for your car to get there, snacks and eating out – you’re ultimately saving money.

Installing a pool is a lifetime investment – it brings laughter, joy, relaxation, and provides a sense of escape in the comfort of your own backyard. At Drewnowski’s Pools and Spas we ensure proper and efficient pool installments, exceptional customer service and a lifetime of fun memories. If you have any questions regarding pool costs, myths, installation, or maintenance, please call Drewnowski Pools & Spas at 413-786-7214.

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