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Summer Pool Safety

7/7/2014 |

A pool is a great way to cool off on hot summer days, but don’t overlook pool safety while you’re busy with cannonballs. The CDC reported that unintentional drowning is the fifth leading cause of death for people of all ages.


Children between the ages of one and four are at the highest risk of drowning in a pool, so it’s crucial protect your pool area. Here are some simple and cost efficient ways to keep your pool area safe:
  • Add a fence. Install a four-sided fence to separate the pool from the house and yard
  • Lock it up. Add locks to all entrances to the pool so children can’t walk in.
  • Arm with an alarm. Buy a pool, gate or door alarm to alert you when someone enters the pool or pool area.
  • Safety Equipment. Invest in ring buoys, shepherds crook, and throw lines which are essential for pool safety and should be in the pool area accessible for any situation. Teach your children that these items are for safety and are not toys. 
  • Supervision. An adult should always be present when children are in the pool or in the pool area. 
  • Remove pool toys. Eliminate the temptation when the pool isn’t in use so children won’t be enticed to enter the pool area.
  • Teach don’t preach. Teach your child about pool safety; make sure they know how to swim and understand the dangers of a swimming pool.

Pool safety is serious and can be a matter of life or death. Let your pool bring you laughter, joy and relaxation by knowing your pool is safe. Drewnowski Pools is dedicated to helping you with all of your pool safety needs. Call us at (413) 786-7214 to learn more about our safety products and services.




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