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Turn Up The Heat With A Hot Tub

6/28/2015 |

Looking for a relaxing accessory for your home? We’ve got two words for you: Hot Tub.

At Drewnowski Pools & Spas, we specialize in providing Western MA and Northern CT with affordable and safe hot tubs. For over 55 years, we have offered sales, service, and repair because we believe you deserve it. Hot tubs include many physical as well as mental benefits. Below are only a few benefits spas serve:

Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is known as water serving the purpose of healing ailments, diseases, muscles, stress and more. Massage, heat, and buoyancy work together to create the peaceful hydrotherapy experience in a spa. By the heat increasing in the hot tub, it raises your body temperature and in turn increases your circulation. The Buoyancy of the hot tub decreases your body weight, which releases pressure on the joints.

Stress Relief: All of us get stressed once and a while. Finding a way to de-stress is essential in achieving a well-balanced lifestyle. Here at Drewnowski Pools & Spas, we believe you deserve a break to relax by yourself or with friends. A spa is an excellent stress relief due to the massaging jets, which can soothe areas of the body that are tense due to stress. The warm water stimulates endorphin's within the body, which in turn reduces stress, anxiety and pain.

Muscle Pain: Whether you are an athlete or not, most of us suffer from some sort of muscle or joint pain in our lives. A hot tub is the perfect way to ease muscle and joint pain due to the water jets inside the tub. The jets allow for a hydro-massage almost similar to a deep tissue massage that eases aches and pains. This allows for a faster recovery time for sore muscles and pains. *Please consult your doctor first before using your hot tub for muscle pain.

The benefits listed above are only some of the health and mental advantages that hot tubs offer. Here at Drewnowski Pools & Spas, we want to enhance your overall experience by providing you with a safe and comfortable hot tub. Are you ready to invest in a spa for your home? Call Drewnowski Pools & Spas today at 413-786-7214 or stop by our showroom to find the hot tub that is right for you!

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