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Pool FAQs

Yes. We provide a few companies to assist you with your swimming pool financing. Click Here for Pool Financing
Yes. Water Jets are a great addition for young kids to have fun with but they are also a great look for your pool. They provide a fun water-park feel all in the backyard of your home
Weekly and biweekly cleaning services. It is highly recommended to purchase a bulk chemical package at the beginning of the season. Click Here to Learn More
At Drewnowski Pools & Spas we offer heat pumps, electrics and gas.
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We provide swimming pool maintenance for above ground pools. The only service we do not provide is above ground pool installations.
Yes. We not only offer solar covers, we offer retractable pool covers for certain pool shapes.
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As with any filter, there is no set time to how long it will last. It depends on the quality of water passing through, the application, the quality of the cartridge, the amount of use, etc. But there are signs which mean it’s time for a new filter, such as:
  • broken bands
  • the fabric is frayed
  • pleats are flattening
  • cracked endcaps
  • flow doesn’t change

If your pool is outdated and falling apart it is definitely time for a renovation. Your pool will look brand new when it’s done and in no time at all. Renovations are completed in 2 weeks with expert craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction.
We offer a large variety of pool shapes as well as custom design shapes. Here is a list of our popular shapes: Rectangle, Radius Step Rectangle, Roman, True-L, True-L Roman, Lazy-L, Grecian, Monaco, Kidney, Mountain Lake, Mt. Pond, Custom Design, The Grand Bahama…. With options to customize shapes, we can accommodate to all of your needs and find the perfect shape for your dream pool.
Our Swimming Pool Accessories & Equipment Include:
o Pool Lighting
o Pool Decks
o Supplies, Chemicals and Parts
o Pumps & Filters
o Safety Covers/Pacific Pool Covers
o Heat Pumps
o Gas Heaters
o Solar Covers
o Automatic Chlorinator: NEW WATER
o Deck mounted Basketball Hoops
o Waterfalls
o Volleyball nets
o Goggles
o Floats
o Handicap lifts
o ...and more! We also carry a variety of hot tub accessories and parts.
We offer retractable pool covers that you can control with the push of a button, at your convenience. Our retractable pool covers are just one of the many products that we have available.
At Drewnowski Pools & Spas, we offer vinyl liners for our inground swimming pools.