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Gas Heaters

Gas Heaters

Gas pool heaters have been a popular system for heating swimming pools. Our newer models have much higher efficiencies than older models. Our team of experts at Drewnowski Pools & Spas can assist you in determining if a gas heater will be the most energy-efficient option depending on your pool use.

Gas pool heaters use either natural gas or propane. The pump circulates the pool’s water and the water drawn from the pool passes through a filter and then on to the heater. The gas burns in the heater, generating heat that transfers to the water, that’s then returned to the pool.

Gas pool heaters are efficient if you’re looking to heat your pool for a short period of time or for quickly heating your pool. These heaters may be a good choice if you aren’t using your pool on a regular basis, but our staff will be able to give you a better assessment on which type of pool heater is the best fit for you.

There are many factors that go into selecting a gas swimming pool heater. Our trained experts will analyze your swimming pool to determine what pool heater size you will need, also taking into consideration factors such as wind exposure and humidity levels.

Unsure if a gas pool heater is the right fit for your pool? Call Drewnowski Pools & Spas at 413-786-7214 to learn more about installing a gas heating system for your pool.

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