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Swimming Pool Accessories

Drewnowski Pools and Spas has all of the Pool Accessories you need for the pool or spa of your dreams

A poolscape is a fully integrated pool environment that includes not only the water, but a full array of add-ons, accessories, landscaping, furniture, and more. The idea is to broaden the concept of your swimming pool into more than just swimming.

Today's pool owners are taking full advantage of the investment they've made by adding a variety of options that allow them to enjoy their new lifestyle as pool owners. Below are some examples of items you can use to create a fully integrated poolscape.

Our Pool Accessories & Equipment Include:

POOL LIGHTING Add lighting to your backyard and discover a new dimension of your pool and spa. Whether you choose the uniqueness of color-LED or the elegance of landscape & incandescent lighting, this is one feature that is sure to increase the nighttime aesthetics of your backyard.

POOL DECKS Drewnowski Pools and Spas is pleased to partner with Mancini Pool Decks. Their team of over 60 employees are dedicated solely to the installation of top quality retaining walls, fencing, and most importantly pool decking. Mancini's outstanding hand finished concrete both decorative and standard is known throughout New England.
POOL SUPPLIES, CHEMICALS AND PARTS Drewnowski carries a full line of supplies, chemicals, skimmers, robot vacuums, pool parts, filters, filter parts, and a large selection of pool accessories. If you can't find it in our store, we may be able to special order for you. Come in and ask about our 3-Step program from Bio-Guard. A quick and easy way to keeping that pool crystal clear.
POOL PUMPS & FILTERS Interested in saving $50 a month in electricity? Have Drewnowski Pools & Spas install a new variable speed pump and 2’ high flow filter will totally change your pool owning experience. Our Hayward Variable speed pump combined with our 60 sq. ft. Sta Rite Filter will go the entire season without backwashing! During the installation of your new pump/filter Drewnowski Pool & Spa can also install new valves/unions from the ground up creating an air tight drip free system which will make vacuuming and general pool operation a breeze.
SAFETY COVERS/PACIFIC POOL COVERS Check out our large selection of Loop Loc covers: www.KaydenLiners.com/
HEAT PUMPS Drewnowski Pools recommends the AquaCal heat pump, which is an economy heat pump designed to fit any budget. It is perfect for above-ground pools and small in-ground pools.
  • Optimum heat output in a small footprint
  • Large surface and corrosion resistant evaporator
  • Vinyl coated fan grill
  • Microprocessor controlled automatic defrost allows operation down to the mid to lower 40s
  • High performance titanium heat exchanger (patented ThermoLink heat exchanger in the T115 and T135 models)
  • Visit www.aquacal.com for more information.

MINERAL SYSTEM: FROG XL PRO Are you interested in a water sanitation system that is better than salt water for ½ the cost and requiring no electricity and will never be replaced? Sounds like a no brainer…because it is. We’ve sold over 500 of these systems in the last 5 years alone! Visit www.kingtechnology.com for more information.

GAS HEATER Hayward Gas Heaters

SOLAR COVERS Did you know that solar covers can cut your heating costs in half? Drewnowski Pools stocks dozens of solar cover for your standard pool. And can order and receive your custom cover within days.

AUTOMATIC CHLORINATOR: NEW WATER Tired of dropping chlorine tablets in your skimmer or dodging the annoying floating duck? Drewnowski Pools can install an automatic chlorine dispenser onto your existing filtration system. Visit www.kingtechnology.com for more information. New Water® Easy-Does-It Pool Care System The New Water System is on constant watch, dispensing low levels of chlorine to control bacteria and provide sanitizing protection for your pool. Once you've determined the correct setting for your pool just set it, then forget it! Enjoy precise sanitization with 9 settings of adjustability and never touch chlorine again! The New Water Pacs are light weight, convenient to store and easy to use. They also last much longer than chlorine in typical feeders due to the erosion design that limits how much chlorine gets wet at one time. With models for in ground or above ground pools, anyone can experience New Water! Drewnowski Pools also offers the following pool accessories:

  • Deck mounted Basketball Hoops
  • Waterfalls
  • Volleyball nets
  • Goggles
  • Floats
  • Handicap lifts
  • ...and more! We also carry a variety of hot tub accessories and parts.

    Are you ready to accessorize your pool or hot tub? 

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