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Are you in need of a new pool filtration system for your inground pool?

If your inground or above ground pool is in need of a new filtration system, Drewnowski Pools & Spas can help you out. Your pool’s filter is key to help keep your water clean and clear, as its main purpose is to screen debris and eliminate contaminate particles from the water. When your pool filter is not properly working, it can be hard to keep your pool looking clean.

Drewnowski Pools & Spas carries a wide variety of pool filtration systems from dependable, high-performing and respected pool manufacturers.

We offer the following pool filtration systems:

  • Sand filters: The pool water is sent through a bed of filter sand and removed through lateral tubes. When the water is pushed through, the dirty particles rises and the clean water exits at the bottom.
  • Cartridge filters: Your pool water is sent through a filter material. The filter captures the dirt and debris, letting the clean water pass through.
  • Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters: DE Filters trap more particles than other filters. Diatomaceous earth – a porous powder coats your filter grid preventing small particles from passing through.

Drewnowski Pools & Spas will help maintain your pool’s filtration system.

Once you have a new pool filtration system installed for your above ground or inground pool, the pool maintenance experts at Drewnowski Pools & Spas will ensure it works properly throughout the year. Whether you have a sand, cartridge or DE filter, we have the proper tools to ensure your pool filter is cleaned and cared for.

Call Drewnowski Pools & Spas at 413-786-7214 to speak to one of our experienced technicians about a new pool filtration system for your above ground or inground swimming pool.