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Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

Pools naturally lose water over time from evaporation, the kids splashing around, or when you backwash the filter. These types of water loss are very common. So how do you know if you are losing more water than normal? Here are some of the signs that your pool might have a leak; Increase in water loss, visible cracks, or needing to add water more frequently.

With any pool, there is more than one place that a pool can develop a leak. At Drewnowski Pools, we repair different types of leaks; structural leaks, skimmer leaks, main drain leaks, and more.

At Drewnowski Pools, we offer leak detection services. If you think your pool has a leak, call us and we will send one of our staff members to your home to detect any leaks. Once the leak has been detected, our staff will begin planning your pool plumbing repair! Contact us today to get started!


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