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At Drewnowski Pools & Spas, we specialize in professional pool openings and closings. When you are ready to open or close your pool, call the experts at Drewnowski Pools & Spas. The brutal New England winters can wreak havoc on your perfect swimming pool. When you let the experienced staff at Drewnowski’s close your pool for the season, you can rest assured that your pool will not suffer damage from harsh cold temperatures and typical New England snow storms.

Swimming Pool Openings

Ready to start the swim season? Let our professionals do the work, so you can spend your time enjoying your new backyard oasis. We offer convenient, flexible hours throughout the spring and summer seasons for pool openings.

Our Pool Openings include:

  • Remove winter cover from pool.  Fold and store away
  • Assembly of filtration equipment
  • Installation of skimmer baskets / return jets / diving board, etc.
  • Installation of ladders and handrail
  • Introduction of shock and algaecide
  • Test fire system and check for leaks.  An attempt to repair any minor drips will be performed at the time of opening

Eliminate the stress and labor involved with opening your pool. Not only will we take care of opening your pool but we will deliver any chemicals at the same time. Contact us about our Season Chemical Kits and Pool Opening costs!  Drewnowski Pools & Spas offers weekly maintenance to keep the pool clean and balanced, eliminating the hassle of pool ownership and allowing the customer to enjoy their pool worry free.

Swimming Pool Openings and Closings

Swimming Pool Closings

When you’re ready to close your pool for the winter season, Drewnowski Pools & Spas will ensure your peace of mind throughout the winter months. Our staff will inspect and winterize all of your pool’s equipment and lines, and ensure everything is in tip-top shape once the weather heats up again.  Leave the pool closing to us, one of many benefits is knowing that your pool is properly closed and protected from the harsh winter weather we often experience.

Our Pool Closings Include:

  • Disassembly of Pumps
  • Disassembly of filters/filtration systems
  • Lower Water Levels
  • Install Winter  Cover
  • Remove ladders or handrails
  • Add non-toxic antifreeze to underground lines
  • Winterize pool heater
  • Put ancillary pool items away in basement, shed, etc.
  • Final end-of-season filter back-flush

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to clean/vacuum any debris in the pool as well as to balance the chemistry of the water (i.e. pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Sanitizer level, etc.). We offer pool openings and closing to clients across Western Massachusetts.

Ready to make pool openings and closings that much easier? Contact us today to get started at 413-786-7214


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